Your IT Support Matters

Thiry Technology is proud to support dynamic small businesses throughout Hampton Roads and the Mid-Atlantic Region. We specialize in IT consulting for professional services, including construction and engineering, legal, financial and health care.

As a company, we are uniquely qualified to help our clients run faster and reach higher. We don’t just fix your computers, although we’re happy to do that. We empower our clients with world class IT solutions scaled for small business.

How may we help you?


Your computer network is the engine of your company. Outdated equipment and software slow you down and cost you money. At ThiryTech, we’re all about Fast, Efficient and Secure. We customize IT networks for our busy clients. It gives them the time and space they need to focus on Everything Else.


The true test of any network is zero downtime and this is our goal for you. We’ll monitor your computers 24/7, patch your software and deal with your annoying software vendors when there’s a problem. And if anything else goes wrong? We’ll deploy the techs you know and love to fix it.


In 2017, your business is only as safe as your data. We make sure your network is secure and complies with federal standards. Our super powers? A suite of solutions customized to your needs: managed anti-virus, cloud backup and on-site rapid data recovery. Our clients will tell you — you’ll sleep better.

Need Help?

If your company is a ThiryTech client, please use the Client Portal on your home screen to create a service ticket.

If your company is searching for a trusted IT partner, we’re here to help. Simply Contact Us online below, or give us a call at 757-423-2300.

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